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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  December 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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christmas compromise on capitol hill. house republicans agreed to the payroll tax cut extension. the reason behind the sudden change of heart. bah humbug. just days before christmas, best buy is telling customers it cannot fill their orders. what the store is now saying. and this is not the only store which will not be able to deliver presents on time. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for eun yang on this friday morning, december 23rd. here's a look outside as the sky begins to brighten. it's been wet out there this morning. needed the umbrella coming in. tom, we won't need it for the whole day. >> for the next several days, we'll be in a drying and cooling trend. for those pining for colder weather, your wishes have been granted. it will be turning colder as the day progresses. right now at reagan national, just down river to the right, it's at 50 degrees. it's only going to warm up maybe another four or five degrees for the high today around noontime.
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then get much colder tonight. wind out of the north/northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. over the next 12 hours, rain coming through. that moving color is rain. now the cloud cover beginning to break up a little bit. still mostly cloudy throughout much of the region. we ought to have sunshine as dawn approaches. sunrise today at 7:24. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties now in the mid and upper 40s. it's in the low 50s, southern maryland, northern neck, lower eastern shore. if you're traveling today, maybe flight delays. that white you see on the radar, it is snowing in upstate new york. in vermont, new hampshire, and maine. much of massachusetts, it's rain and raining down towards providence, rhode island, and new york city. some other scattered showers farther south along the atlantic sea board and northern florida. along the west coast, everything looking good in and out of there. upper midwest, minneapolis/st. paul getting snow shortly. may be minor flight delays as the day progresses. for us through the washington
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metro area, here's your day planner. sunshine in and out, blustery northwest wind. temperatures will drop from mid-50s at noontime to near 50 at sunset and colder tonight. here's a look at the friday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue, a crash involving three vehicles. i'm checking the camera. i can't see anything on camera just yet, but i'll keep watching and you let you know about delays. again, that's the outer loop at connecticut avenue. traveling 66 in virginia, this is the view at waples mill road. east and west getting some volume. no delays 66 outside of the beltway. no major delays and no accidents. traveling inside the beltway, this is the view at glebe as you head towards the city. seeing some headlights but no major delays and out away from the city on i-66, joe. no issues here either. back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. new from overnight, "g" street northwest is still closed between 11th and 12th because of a blown transformer there.
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it happened a little after 11:00 last night right at the intersection of "g" and 11th street. police originally thought it was a bank robbery at the suntrust bank because the explosion blew out two windows at the bank. pepco is on the scene working to fix the problem and try to reopen that area. also new from overnight, montgomery county firefighters put out a blaze at this home on bluff terrace in silver spring. it started around 1:30 this morning, and the cause is still under investigation. everyone inside was able to get out just fine. today congress will apparently, hopefully, finally approve an extension of the payroll tax cut just days before it was set to expire. house republicans are bowing to pressure from democrats and fellow republicans in the senate and agreeing to a two-month renewal of the tax cut. the senate passed their version of the bill last week. house speaker john boehner had demanded a one-year renewal of the tax cut and insists that is still the best policy.
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wh >> when you look at this, it's just another short term extensi extension. this creates uncertainty for job creators. i used to run a small business. i know how this works. and kicking the can down the road for a couple of months does cause problems. >> lawmakers say they will negotiate to extend the tax cut next year. if the tax cut had expired, as many as 160 million americans would have faced an average tax hike of $20 per week. the u.s. park service released new photos along with a new report detailing the damage done to the washington monument by last august's earthquake. the report states the 5.8 magnitude quake caused damage all over the monument with cracking from top to bottom. the most severe damage is around the 450 foot area. august's quake damaged six marble panels, cracked beams, and damaged bearings. the report says, despite the
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damage, the monument is still structurally sound. more troubling news this morning from arlington national cemetery. thousands of head stones may need to be replaced, added, or corrected. that's according to a new army review of the military cemetery which found problems with as many as 64,000 headstones. this review comes a year after a report from arlington claimed thousands of graves were misidentified or misplaced. that report cost several top industry executives their jobs. right now millions of people are getting ready to hit the road or catch a plane and visit family and friends for the holidays. this year more people are expected to travel making a crowded road trip for drivers. news 4's tracee wilkins is live on interstate 95 in college park. what's it look like, tracee? >> reporter: it looks like a lot of people are driving, and that's the case. most people will actually be hitting the roads to get to their holiday destination. more than 2.2 million people in
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the washington area are traveling 50 miles or more outside of washington. now that's a lot. consider this. we have 5.6 million people living in the washington area. so 40% of you are traveling. only 30% of the nation is leaving home to go somewhere this christmas holiday. 91% of the washingtonians who are traveling this christmas holiday is going to be driving. so if you haven't left yet, you'll meet up with these people on the road. and consider that 92 million people across the country, most of these folks also on the road. you'll see a 1.4% increase in people leaving home. the economy is looking better. that's why most folks are starting to travel this holiday season, more than last year. know that graas prices are high this christmas but lower than we've seen this year. driving through virginia, we have good news for you. vdot is going to go ahead and lift some of their lane closures
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for christmas and also new year's weekend. 395, 95, 66 -- you don't have to deal with the lane closures throughout the weekend. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in college park. back to you all in studio. >> plus it looks like we're going to have pretty nice weather for driving too. tracee, thanks very much. >> reporter: warm weather. >> thanks. it could be a disappointing christmas if you're waiting for a gift that you ordered online from best buy. turns out that gift may never arrive in the mail. the company says it's canceling some online orders because of what it's calling an overwhelming demand for some items. it's alerting those customers of this issue just days before christmas and right in the middle of hanukkah. some of those orders were placed back in november. best buy isn't the only retailer with egg on its face. upscale department store barney's says some of its online orders were cancelled because of technical glitches.
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here's something you may or may not want to know about yourself whach yourself. what your aalarm clock and how
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weather and traffic on the ones. good morning at 6:11 on this friday morning. i'm tom kierein in stormcenter 4. we've had the rain overnight. exiting the area and pulling away, the cloud cover is beginning to break up. temperatures in the 40s from the mountains to beaches except right past southern maryland, northern neck, and lower eastern shore, it's around 50. we're in the 40s in the
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subshalls and in washington. later today. by 9:00 near 50. little sunshine in and out. blustery northwest wind. getting colder this afternoon and this evening. by midnight, we'll be down to 40 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. sunset today at 4:51. a look at the rest of the holiday weekend and into next week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? we have a couple of problems on the outer loop of the beltway. the first one, outer loop at kenilworth avenue, an accident taking away two of your right lanes. further around the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue, this accident involves three vehicles, and it's blocking the right lane. you are starting to see some delays at georgia avenue. i'll give you a live look at colesville road. you're not jammed here just yet. i am seeing these cars start to crowd a little bit as they continue on the outer loop and make their way towards connecticut avenue. i'm going to be back in ten minutes with another update on both of these accidents. now back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella.
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good morning and welcome back. a silver spring homeowner is hoping you'll help him catch a burglar that broke into his house. no word on what the thief got away with. the homeowner decided to put the surveillance video from his house on youtube in the hopes of finding the person who broke in. police believe this break-in might be connected to another burglary in the same neighborhood just a few minutes earlier. it may be smart to keep your smart phone out of sight if you're in one capitol hill neighborhood. police say robberies there are up, and iphones are often the thieves' main target. officers say there have been a dozen street robberies this month alone in the neighborhood, which is bound by six t street
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and 13th street southwest. most of the crimes have taken place on weekend evenings and usually on darker residential streets. a burglar is sneaking into homes in fairfax county while the residents are asleep, and they're stealing purses, credit cards, and even electronics. police say this is the person they're looking for. they believe he's responsible for several break-ins in recent months. most of them near route 7 on the fairfax county parkway. investigators say he then uses his stolen credit cards in maryland. what can you do to make sure you're not his next victim? >> police lock your garage doors, close your doors, particularly at night. when you go to sleep, you should not have open garage doors and unlocked doors and windows where you provide easy access and a crime of opportunity. >> police believe the burglar may be driving a gray or light blue bmw 5 series car. there is a reward of up to $1,000 in information that leads to arrest in this case.
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authorities say two men attacked a police officer at the occupy d.c. camp site. the injured officer was responding to a report of a man assaulting a woman at mcpherson square when he was kicked in the groin. he was taken to the hospital, but we haven't gotten word yet on the extent of his injuries. it's also not yet clear if the two people charged in the incident are actually affiliated with the occupy d.c. movement. now to a developing story out of new zealand. the country is recovering from yet another rash of aerths quakes. the eastern city of christchurch experienced a 5.8 quake with three major aftershocks within the hour. so far there have been reports of only minor injuries and no major damage to any buildings. christchurch, you'll recall, suffered severe damage from an earthquake back in february when 182 people were killed and most of the downtown area was destroyed. we are following a developing story in france this
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morning involving breast implants. the french health minister just announced a recommendation for women to have breast implants removed if they were made by the french company known as poly implant prothese. the removal would be a preventative measure to reduce the risk of rupture or leaking. a nonstandard type of silicone was used in the implants. so far, no reports of cancer. a woman is safe after she jumped from the roof of her burning house. 24-year-old bronwyn smith said that smoke filled her bedroom. she crawled out of the second story window and onto the roof of the house. >> i panicked. i went straight to the window. >> i saw the smoke and saw her up there on the roof hollering. >> her neighbor randy campbell saw smoke and rushed to help. he convinced her to jump the 12 feet, and then he caught her. she's thankful for his help. her dog romo unfortunately was
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killed in the fire. well, you can apparently tell a lot about a person about how he or she wakes up. >> yes. a new study claims your alarm clock offers some fascinating insight into your personality, specifically, how you use your clock. for example, if you hit the snooze button a lot, you're an avoider. if you have more than one alarm clock, you're a worrier. if you count on somebody else to wake you up in addition to your alarm clock, you're dependent. if you don't have a clock at all, you're very trusting. >> or perhaps late for work. that would be my case if i didn't have a clock. what if you throw it across the room? >> you're frustrated. >> i'm very frustrated. >> and probably tired. let's get a look at the weather with tom. >> good morning. we're starting off with clouds lingering from overnight rain. right now reagan national 50 degrees. west/northwesterly wind gusting
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a bit. it's going to get stronger as the day progresses. and we'll see sunshine this morning. the cloud cover beginning to break up a little bit. temperatures under the clouds 40s from the mountains to the beaches. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county mid and upper 40s to near 50 degrees. little sunshine in and out this morning and partly cloudy this afternoon, wind gust to go 30 miles an hour. warmest part of the day at noontime, low to mid-50s. overnight tonight we'll be down into the 40s to near 40 degrees by midnight, then near 30 by dawn saturday. tomorrow mostly sunny. afternoon highs mid-40s. good weather for the skins and vikings for christmas day. looking better now. partly sunny but cold. 30 in the morning, mid-40s in the afternoon. cold weather for much of last week. could get rain on tuesday. danella, how's traffic? we have a couple problems on the outer loop of the beltway. chopper 4 right now is on the
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outer loop at kenilworth avenue. we have a car on the right side of the road here. as chopper 4 zooms in, you can see we have a car completely off of the roadway. also, this same accident is on the left shoulder lane as well. further up ahead, you can see it looks like a multivehicle crash here. but it's out of the roadway, which is good, but you are going to see some rubber necking. so expect delays outer loop at kenilworth avenue. also on the outer loop of the beltway, this time at connecticut avenue, we have a three-vehicle crash taking away the right lane. you can see here at colesville road, you are jammed as you make your way towards this accident. again, it's on the right side of the roadway. stick to the left, you may get by a little faster. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at both of these accidents. back to you all. >> danella, thanks. our time is 6:22. still ahead, the questions about john edwards' health this
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lawyers for former presidential candidate john edwards say he is too sick to start trial next month. they say he's been diagnosed with a serious medical condition but won't say what that condition is. they're asking a federal judge to delay a trial over campaign finances for two months. it is supposed to start january
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30th. edwards is charged with using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. he's pled not guilty. denver broncos quarterback tim tebow will have a special guest at the game against the buffalo bills this weekend. former woodbury high school quarterback jacob rainey. the virginia high school junior suffered a freak injury during a scrimmage back in september. he took a hit to the back of his knee, and that severed an artery in his leg. his leg had to be amputated, but he was soon back on the sidelines cheering for his team. tebow says that rainey's outlook should be saluted, and his story makes him realize just how blessed he is. 6:26 is our time right now. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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right now at 6:29 mall madness. shoppers are scrambling to buy last-minute christmas presents. the big deals waiting for you if anything is left by the time you get there.
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good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm pat lawson muse in for eun yang. this is friday, december 23rd. it's been a damp friday morning. needed an umbrella when i came in a couple of hours. tom, can i put it away? >> you can fold it up gently and put it back in its case. >> gently is the key. >> the pavement still wet as we did get quite a bit of rain. over an inch of rain fell in virginia and maryland as the clouds came through. cloud cover beginning to break up. still cloudy in virginia and much of maryland, and the pavement is still wet. watch out for slick spots. temperatures upper 40s to around 50 degrees throughout virginia and maryland. as the day progresses, mid-50s by noontime. if you are traveling today up and down the atlantic seaboard, shouldn't have any travel problems. little rain carolinas, georgia, florida. in new england, new york state into vermont, new hampshire, and maine, it's snowing. south of there in massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut, it's raining. there may be travel delays
6:31 am
there. if you're heading to the upper midwest, minneapolis/st. paul is going to get snow pretty soon. snowing in duluth, minnesota, and the dakotas, and farther south it's snowing in southern new mexico on the texas border. along the coast, little rain from seattle down to portland. elsewhere, dry. shouldn't have any travel problems through much of the nation. here's your day planner for us here around the washington met metro area and through virginia and maryland, sunshine breaking out this morning. sunrise at 7:24. a blustery northwest wind gust to go 30 miles an hour. warmest part of the day around noontime. by 5:00 down to 50 and colder tonight. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella, here's a look at our traffic. good morning. >> good morning. slick roadways causing you problems on the outer loop of the beltway. chopper 4 on the outer loop of kenilworth avenue. see it in the left shoulder lane. also on the right shoulder lane. a car was veered off of the roadway in this area. as you make your trip on the
6:32 am
outer loop at kenilworth avenue, you might see rubber necking delays, but your lanes are open. also on the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue, we're seeing delays in montgomery county due to an accident there involving three vehicles is blocking the right lane. you're seeing big delays at colesville road. you can see these cars sitting here. your delays start at university boulevard all the way to connecticut avenue. going to keep watch thg oing th. and an accident i-270 at rock ridge road. >> thanks, danella. time now is 6:32. right now a bargain hunter's dream with less than 48 hours rather left until christmas, shoppers are running out of time to get the last-minute gifts. luckily, some stores are open round the clock and offering big discounts. news 4's megan mcgrath live at macy's in tysons corner. has traffic picked up at all?
6:33 am
>> reporter: it's still pretty light. extent time to go shopping. one of 24 macy's around the country opened 24 hours. they've got all kinds of sales. including this lovely jacket, originally $180. it is now $62.90. the ring, lovely. it's kind of a librace look, isn't it? $9.80. a lot of deals. 50% off hats and scarves. we're seeing deep discounts with regard to the coats and seeing lots of coupons. before you head out and go shopping, a good idea to check the paper. macy's has a 15% coupon in the newspaper today. also, if you're a frequent shopper and you have the mailers and the like, you can also perhaps use one of these 20% off cards. all of this stuff adds up. we are seeing some really, really deep discounts. there are folks who say it's ridiculous to get up at this hour and go shopping. however, there are people who
6:34 am
are actually doing it, including a woman over there. we talked to a couple, two women earlier this morning. they have been here, believe it or not, since 9:00 p.m. last night, and they expect to be here all day. >> no. i leave everything to last minute. she's a shopaholic. she does shop all year round. >> yes. right now it's like a lot now just for me because i've basically finished my shopping. >> reporter: all right. and just describe what the store looks like when you walk around, walk up to the checkout. what's it like? >> aull the salespeople. no customers this early. so it's great. get all their attention. >> reporter: and look at this. this is the checkout. absolutely nobody standing in line. all toyou have to do is grab yo merchandise, waltz on up, no waits. it's beautiful. needless to say, there's tons of parking. you're not going to have to fight with anyone for that space out in the parking lot. really a great time to shop. i'll tell you, pat, the deals are great.
6:35 am
my husband should be very, very frightened because i am doing some shopping. >> you just answered my question then. all right? >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> have a good time. be careful out there. thanks, megan. coming up in a little more than ten minutes, cnbc will break down some of the deals waiting for last-minute shoppers as retailers are looking to slash prices. elsewhere in the washington area a mall employee is accused of peeping into the woman's dressing room at the guess clothing store at westfield montgomery mall. this morning police are trying to figure out if there are any more victims. police arrested gonzalo garcia on tuesday. a 24-year-old shopper told police a sales associate tried to take video of her with a cell phone as she undressed. authorities confiscated garcia's cell phones and a computer from his home to see if there are any other victims. greenbelt police are looking for a group of men who raped a young woman. who happened early saturday morning in the 6000 block of cherrywood lane near the
6:36 am
greenbelt metro station. investigators say a 24-year-old woman was walking when several men grabbed her and took her to a nearby wooded area. they raped and sexually assaulted her there. she was seriously injured in the attack, but her injuries are said not to be life-threatening. if you have any information on this incident, you're asked to call the greenbelt police. a military judge will now decide if an army private charged with leaking classified documents to wikileaks will stand trial. a hearing in the case of private first class bradley manning ended yesterday. military lawyers say he caused a breach of national security when he handed over the documents. his attorneys don't deny their client leaked the information. they argue that the information he leaked wasn't nearly as devastating as the military claims. manning is facing 22 charges. legal experts say he'll almost certainly be tried on at least some of them. now to decision 2012. we now know who will be on the
6:37 am
virginia primary ballot for the republican primary. republican party leaders say that newt gingrich, mitt romney, rick perry, and ron paul turned in enough signatures to be on the ballot in the commonwealth. they still need to be certified. however, michele bachmann, jon huntsman, and rick santorum did not qualify for the march 6th primary ballot. with more than a week to go before the iowa caucuses, gingrich is lowering expectations for a big finish. gingrich now says he would be happy to come in third or fourth in iowa. his comments come as new polls show ron paul now in the lead in iowa. meanwhile, romney picked up an unofficial endorsement from a key supporter. former president george h.w. bush tells his hometown newspaper the "houston chronicle" that he supports romney, well, more or less. he said, "i think romney is the
6:38 am
best choice for us. i like rick perry, but he doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
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i'm major c.j. johnson. i'm assigned to the pentagon, d.c., where also i'd like to wish happy holidays to where my friends are located, sidney and ann johnson. mom and dad, happy holidays. big getaway day on this
6:42 am
friday morning. the rain came, and then it went. it went away quickly and left wet pavement throughout much of the region. we got over an inch of rain many locations in virginia and maryland. cloud cover begin to go break up a little bit. still damp. temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees throughout much of the area. we will maybe get it up to the low to mid-50s by noontime. during the afternoon turning colder with a blustery wind out of the north and west gust to go around 30 miles an hour. a live view from our city camera in the background. a little bit of daylight begin to go show up. we will have a delightful sunrise, i predict, as we'll have those clouds in a good position as they break up for some technicolor sun as it rises at 7:24. and then it sets at 4:51. and colder tonight, near 40 by midnight. and coder tomorrow morning. a look at the holiday weekend and travel weather in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? wet pavement causing some headaches this morning. southbound 270, the off ramp to rockledge drive is closed due to
6:43 am
the accident there. still seeing problems on the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. that accident still on the right side of the roadway, taking away the right lane. you are very slow as you make your way towards this accident. these cars are slowly driving to connecticut avenue. i can tell you i've been watching this camera, and they have come to a complete stop. your delays start right around new hampshire avenue and continue on the outer loop of the beltway. again, it's on the right side of the roadway. stick to the left. you may get by just a little bit faster. travel speed is about 35 miles per hour. and to get from i-95 to i-270, that trip takes 16 minutes. if you're about to head out of town for the holiday, expect some company. millions of people are getting ready to hit the roads, to catch a plane, or to visit family and friends. this year more than 83 million people are expected to drive,
6:44 am
making for a crowded road trip. >> fewer people will make the trip by plane. aaa says airfare is down 10%. aaa estimates 92 million people will travel between now and january 2nd. that's up 1.5% from last year. today congress will finally approve an extension of the payroll tax cut just days before it was set to expire. house republicans are bow to go pressure from democrats and fellow republicans in the senate and agreeing to a two-month renewal of the tax cut. without an extension, 160 million americans will have to pay on average 20 additional dollars per week in taxes. the senate passed that version of the bill last week. house speaker john boehner had demanded a one-year renewal of the tax cut. he insists that that is still the best policy. >> when you look at this, it's just another short term extension. this creates uncertainty for job creators. i used to run a small business.
6:45 am
i know how this works. and kicking the can down the road for a couple of months does cause problems. >> lawmakers say that, after they come back after the holidays, they will negotiate extending the tax cut next year. the agreement on this tax cut extension may be great news for millions of americans, but many business leaders here in washington are not very happy with congress. they're gathering at the greater washington board of trade and sending some 535 lumps of coal, one for each member of congress. apparently, lawmakers ended up on these business leaders naughty lists for what they call their frustration and dismay at congress' performance over this past year. a new report from the u.s. park service reveals the washington monument suffered more serious damage from last august's earthquake than originally thought. the report states the 5.8 magnitude quake caused damage all over the monument with
6:46 am
cracking from top to bottom. the most severe damage is around the 450-foot area. the quake in august damaged six marble panels, cracked beams, and damaged bearings. the report says despite the damage the monument is still structurally sound. more troubling news this morning from arlington national cemetery. thousands of headstones there may need to be replaced, added, or corrected. that's according to a new army review of military cemetery which found problems with as much as 64,000 headstones. the review comes a year after a report from arlington claimed thousands of graves were misidentified or misplaced. that report caused several top cemetery executives their jobs. police are still investigating a huge brawl that broke out at a high school basketball game between d.c. and baltimore high school. take a look at home video of this fight which took place in west baltimore.
6:47 am
it happened during a game from c cardoza high school in d.c. and a charter school from baltimore. witnesses say the players and even fans exchanged blows. no word so far on any arrests or injuries. if you still need to do last-minute shopping, there are plenty of good deals out there as retailers are slashing prices. cnbc's jackie deangelis joins us live to break down some of the deals. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, pat. with just two days before christmas left, retailers are slashing prices. "the new york times" reports that while scattered markdowns are scattered this time of year, discounts are more widespread this year. which means that retailers are stuck with merchandise. amazon is cutting toys by 70% while the limited are cutting prices as well. meanwhile, if you ordered something from best buy, don't expect it to be delivered by christmas. the chain is saying, due to overwhelming demand of some of the hot products this year, it's
6:48 am
been unable to process orders. it does appear that items like ipads, laptops, and the nintendo wii are on back orders. barney's is also canceling orders. the luxury retailer is personally apologizing to those shoppers, chalking the problem up to a computer glitch. happy holidays from us at cnbc. back over to you. >> thank you so much, jackie. happy holidays to you. it's going to be a busy weekend for the volunteer santa trackers at norad. they're bracing for tens of thousands of calls and e-mails when their operation center goes live on christmas eve. last year norad tracked santa volunteers answered some 80,000 phone calls on christmas eve. they also answered some 7,000 e-mails. the north american aerospace defense command has been telling children about santa's whereabouts every year since 1955. it's good somebody's doing that. >> they're going to be busy, aren't they?
6:49 am
>> i'm sure they are going to be busy. busy night for them and for santa. >> and tom kierein's been busy this morning as we take a look at the sky as the sun rises over a city that's drying out. pretty good rain. over an inch of rain across maryland and virginia and the district. reagan national had almost an inch of rain. right now just to the right down river, we are seeing some breaks in the clouds. the sun's coming up here at 7:24. and we ought to have a spectacular technicolor sunrise with the clouds lining themselves up just right. we'll get the breaks in the clouds. right now partly to mostly cloudy at reagan national. a west/northwesterly wind gusting around 10 to 15 miles an hour. the wind will increase as we get into the rest of the day coming in out of the north and west. that's going to bring in colder air. as the cold air does arrive, we had feel the chill here as the rain quickly exited and moved off up the atlantic seaboard over the last hour. these are the breaks in the clouds showing up right now.
6:50 am
still mostly cloudy much of maryland and the eastern shore. we'll get that sunshine out here when that sun does rise at 7:24. 40s from western maryland, west virginia, points east, much of virginia and maryland upper 40s to near 50. including maryland, northern neck, and eastern shore. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince jorngs counties in the 40s to near 50. if you are traveling, there is some snow. upstate new york into vermont, new hampshire, and maine, and western massachusetts. south and east of there, it's all rain into connecticut and rhode island and the rest of massachusetts. the rain has ended in new york right now. there still could be rescissorsual early morning flight delays getting in and out of new york and boston, providence, albany, up into northern new england. farther south, just a few light showers from the carolinas down to georgia, northern florida. should not really cause any travel problems. if you are heading to the upper midwest, though, minneapolis/st.
6:51 am
paul just about to get snow moving in there. that may cause minor flight delays there. certainly turning colder. also getting unusual snow far southern new mexico, el paso, texas, is snowing now. something wrong. el paso has a white christmas and we don't? something is up. we do have the west coast settled if you're flying into l.a., vancouver, portland, seattle, you shouldn't have any travel problems as well as around the rockies. for us, sunrise at 7:24. should be a beautiful one. by 9:00 should be around 50 degrees. we'll have the wind picking up and gusting around 30 miles an hour. by the middle of the day, noontime, 1:00 or 2:00 may get low to mid-50s briefly. colder air comes in. down to near 50 by 5:00. this evening as we clear out, sunset at 4:51. we will get colder. it will be down to near 40 degrees by midnight. by dawn saturday, near 30. tomorrow lots of sunshine. highs reaching the mid-40s with lighter winds.
6:52 am
should be great weather for the skins and vikings at fedex field. on sunday, christmas day, cold in the morning near 30. afternoon highs mid-40s. right now the trend is that storm that was going to be affecting us earlier in the week is going to be too far south. right now it does look like it will be dry here on christmas day. and dry weather for much of next week. although there may be showers on tuesday, rain, that is. cold in the mornings. afternoon highs 40s each day. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. if you're traveling 270 southbound, you cannot get on to rockledge drive. it's closed due to the accident there. also an accident on the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue involving three vehicles. it's still there. luckily still in the shoulder lane. still seeing some delays. i'll give you a live look. you're at 24 miles per hour as you make your way towards that accident. here at colesville road, you are jammed. if you're planning to go to wheaton mall, it's going to be a tough trip because you've got to wait in that.
6:53 am
it's 32 miles an hour. that's your speed limit. a look at the line that's facing you all for the new jordans. unbelievable. wall to wall standing in line to get the jordans. it's a tough commute to get to the mall, but then once you get to wheaton, you are in line. now back to you all. >> thank you very much, danella. shoe fanfanatics, christmas arriving early. the new jordan 411 concords arriving in stores today. fans are lining autopsy rouup a country to get their hands on these shows. they're selling for a cool $180 a pair. this was in georgetown where 40 people were braving the cold and rain around 5:00 this morning. as danella showed you, chopper 4 is live over the scene outside the westfield wheaton mall. as danella pointed out, there is a line down the sidewalk level then up on the ramp above waiting to get into the store. unbelievable. hope they have enough shoes. >> that is unbelievable.
6:54 am
>> got to confine it to one shoe per person. >> i wonder how many of those folks stayed up all night. >> i can imagine. that's rough. good luck, folks. >> maybe some will take just one shoe if they want them that badly. the clock is indeed ticking down, just 48 hours left before christmas, and procrastinators have less than 48 hours to get the last minute gifts. many stores are staying open around the clock and offering big discounts. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live in tysons corner, where she has been trying to scare her husband half to death. >> reporter: dennis has been sick as a dog, food poisoning for a week and a half. i know he hasn't shopped for me. i'm shopping for myself. he should be very, very scared because there are great deals to be had here. this coat, for example, $340. it is down to $170. if i were to buy this coat, if i were to walk over here, look at this checkout. there's not a soul here. that's the situation at pretty much every checkout inside the
6:55 am
macy's. they are open 24 hours until christmas eve. they'll be closing at 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. you procrastinators, there is absolutely no excuse not to get your shopping done. there are plenty of opportunities, and there are plenty of sales. just look at all of these sale signs here, 40% off of all the vests. we have 30% off the cashmere scarves. other scarves, 1999. we're seeing deep discounts with the coats. coats are huge items with the christmas season. we're also seeing dresses to be worn for new year's. the sparkly dressy dresses. all of them marked down. lots and lots of great deals. right now is a terrific time to shop. there's tons of parking out here. you're not going to have to fight with everyone to get a space. as you see, absolutely no lines at the register. we're seeing things pick up a little bit. i wouldn't say it's crowded by any stretch of the imagination. it's still really, really quiet. it's a pleasant shopping experience. you're not going to have any problems, and they've got a lot of staff here although that one's hiding from us.
6:56 am
she doesn't want to be on camera. there are a lot of staff people here to help you answer your questions and the like. again, some really great deals. joe, back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath, good luck out there. >> go easy on dennis, will you? >> reporter: dennis is going to get sick again for a whole new reason. >> we hope he feels better soon. >> thanks, megan. >> reporter: sure. >> tom, are you done with your shopping? >> yes, i did. i wrote all the checks a couple of days ago. >> that's too easy. >> money never disappoints. this morning we're drying out after the overnight rain. partly sunny today. highs low to mid-50s. a blustery wind. colder weather does move in for the holiday weekend. looking better for christmas day. danella, how's traffic? outer loop of the beltway still a mess at colesville road. your travel speed in that area, 32 miles an hour.
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